The SciFiHomes, Inc. Promise to Our Customers

Dedicated to serving the Winchester, VA community

When the power goes out for any reason in your area, we want you to feel safe with one of our standby generators. It takes approximately 10 seconds for the power in your home to switch over to one of our generators, and we can set it up so that your entire home is run by one generator. If you want to have something a little less expensive, then we can set it up so your critical systems stay running and the lights are on to keep everyone safe. After decades of working on standby generators in the Winchester, Virginia area, we know what it takes to protect your family from the unexpected dark.

We Will Customize Our Product To Fit Your Life

We work with residential homeowners and owners of small commercial properties. We will customize our system to work specifically in your Winchester, Virginia property and give you the protection you need. We will work with you to identify critical circuits, and then make sure that those circuits are on a reliable standby generator from SciFiHomes, Inc.

If you think our protective services are out of your price range, then we are happy to tell you that we have finance partners in the Winchester, Virginia area standing by to help you afford this vital protective equipment. Stop living in fear of the possibility that the power could go out and leave you in the dark for days. Contact SciFiHomes, Inc. right now and we will help you to get the protection you need.